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Festivals of Goa

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Posted on: Friday, 29 January 2021

Vibrant and colourful festivals of Goa attract a large number of tourists, they are Sao Joao festival, Sunburn festival, Hill Top festival, Tattoo Festival etc.

Goa is famous for fairs and festivals and Carnivals. Throughout the year a large number of tourists from inside and outside the country are attracted to these colorful and vibrant fairs and festivals in Goa. They are Musical events, Tattoo making competitions, and much more.

Tourists will be delighted by seeing this cultural bonanza. Visitors have to book tickets well in advance, otherwise, it will be very difficult to take part in this carnival.

A few of the festivals are Sunburn Festival, Sao Joao Festival, Hill Top Festival, Tattoo Festival, etc.

1. The Mangueshi Temple or The Manguesh Devasthan

Manguesh Devasthan temple is perhaps the most famous of all Goan temples.The surrounding area is known as Mangueshi, located in Mangeshi Village in Priol. Read more...

2. Sao Joao Festival

Sao Joao Festival is a Christian Festival, celebrated in memory of the birthday of St. John, the Baptist. A feast is celebrated on 24th June every year in Goa. Read more...

3. Tattoo Festival

Tattoo Festival in Goa is an amazing event of Tattoo art, world's best tattoo artists work can be visited, entertainment, fashion, music also can be enjoyed. Read more...

4. Hill Top Festival

Hill Top Festival in Goa is celebrated in Jan-Feb for 3 days every year. It is a electronic musical and dance performance that attracts a large crowd. Read more...

5. Sunburn Festival

World's 3rd biggest Music Festival, Sunburn music festival will be held in Vagator beach in Goa, It is basically an electronic dance and music festival. Read more...

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